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Sickle Smart is a non-profit organisation set up to raise awareness and to educate the public about sickle cell disease (SCD) through our free screening campaign "Know Your Genotype Campaign" (KYGC).

Sickle Smart is founded by Kadie Deen, a mother, an international advocate for raising sickle cell awareness, a humanitarian, and a woman passionate about helping others suffering from sickle cell. She is a sickle cell survivor herself who has lived with this condition all her years.

We believe early screening and detection is key to helping Sickle Cell Disorder sufferers manage the condition and raise awareness.

Our Mission

To raise awareness, through media, workshops and community sensitisations, and provide psychosocial support and wellness clinics.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To ensure widespread early detection through our Know Your Genotype Campaign (KYGC)

We Need Your Support Today!

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